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Not all behavior should be rewarded, the child must learn that there are behaviors that must be made, because part of the process of life, while others are deserving of an award for special efforts or to motivate action. Find the logical balance. The type of award should depend on individual circumstances: the child's age, so for him to have value, the interest of parents and why is given.

Try to find the prize of value to the child, that is logically connected to the behavior you are trying to stimulate. For example, a new book, rather than money, is a most logical prize to get a good grade on an essay.

The dynamics of the house and behave in a certain way on the table, what we should do with a teenager. Therefore the rules and limits shall be developed as your child progresses in its development process and the enforcement thereof. Why establish rules and limits? Establish rules and limits for different reasons: - for health reasons - for security reasons - for reasons of coexistence - to live in harmony, for moral and religious values.

You choose the rules they must establish rules to govern their family life and their children. The choice will be based on that forwarded their parents and have been developed over his life and the society in which they live.

Rules and limits

Standards are rules that determine our behavior, our social relations and coexistence. To mark the boundaries where they get our behaviors to not interfere with others. Each age or stage of life your child requires rules and limits. Logically, should not be the same for a child to a teenager: you cannot ask a child at age of 1 year to assist somebody.

Some considerations on the rules and limits (click here)

Take time to consider developing standards that are important to your family. You scored parent categories and their importance, such as those relating to:
- The health and safety of your child.
- Respect for others and to things.
- Collaboration in the dynamics of the house.
- The moral and / or religious values.

Review the rules and boundaries are important and make sure that it's worth keeping them. Instill appropriate rules and limits, without overreaching, not imposed so as to prevent the release of her son. Three. Be flexible. Its rules and limitations may vary as their needs and those of their children go changing as they grow and get older.

Throughout their experience as parents you have met on more than one occasion with the difficulty of getting your kids meet the standards that indicate them. Something can be done to get them to obey.


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